• The Annexe

    The Annexe is a centre for contemporary arts. We host a variety of events, including exhibitions, talks, film screenings, workshops, theatre, music, performance art, tango classes, etc, in the hope of bringing together folks from all walks of life to share in the city’s vibrant arts scene. We also house artsy shops, eateries and private galleries.

    The Annexe Gallery Studio Theatre,
    1st & 2nd Floor,
    Central Market Annexe,
    Jalan Hang Kasturi,
    50470 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel & Fax: +603-2070 1137

    Opening hours: 11am to 7pm, daily.

    The Annexe has three main spaces: Gallery (on the 2nd Floor), Studio and Theatre (on the 1st Floor). These spaces are available for rent for almost any kind of function. To enquire about their availability, please contact the Annexe staff.

    Pang Khee Teik, director
    pang.centralmarket @gmail.com

    Lim Chung Wei, venue manager
    chungwei.centralmarket @gmail.com

    Jerome Kugan, PR officer
    jerome.centralmarket @gmail.com
  • Getting here

    The Annexe is situated in the building directly behind the Central Market building. Take note that the two buildings are not structurally connected. If you’re reaching us by walking through the main Central Market building, you have to come out of the back entrance to find the Annexe. Look out for Gajah-gajah Gallery that’s located on the ground floor. The Annexe Gallery (and office) is on the top floor of the Annexe, which is the 2nd floor. The Studio and Theatre are situated on the 1st floor. The mezzanine and ground floors are occupied by leased tenants.

    If you’re taking public transport, the nearest train station to Central Market is the RapidKL Pasar Seni LRT station. If you’re taking a cab, most taxi drivers will understand “Central Market” as the destination, but you will have to orientate yourself toward to the Annexe.
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Hi Everyone,

The Annexe Gallery now has a proper official website! Go to http://www.annexegallery.com

Go there for the latest updates on what’s happening at The Annexe Gallery. Please drop by, sign up for our mailing list and leave us some comments. 🙂

Also, we won’t be updating this blog anymore.

Cheers, The Annexe Gallery Team



Hola Boys & Girls! While our gallery director PKT is away hobnobbing with folks in Japan, WeiBoy, Jerkonme and Encik L.X. are proud to announce our special lineup of parties at the one and only Annexe Gallery in the coming week.

Yours sincerely,





Spiritual Groove Shakedown

Fri 1 Aug 2008, 8.30pm

Presented by Central Market and The Annexe Gallery

Admission RM15 donation

Find your mystical groove with Shirzad Sharif in this special one-off performance of his unique brand of Persian Sufi-inspired dance electronica. Born into an acclaimed Iranian musical family, Shirzad is an accomplished performer of the sacred Kurdish lute Tanbur, the Tonbak drum, and the Persian Daf drum.

Shirzad will be joined by Malaysian singer songwriter Sherry, percussionist Nizam and Shirzad’s lovely wife Neda who will screen her visual remix of mystical life from footage collected around the world. Plus belly dancers!

For more information on Shirzad Sharif, please visit http://www.shirzadsharif.com


Jerome [Email: jerome.centralmarket@gmail.com; Tel: 03-2070 1137]



Emo Loveliness Session

Sat 2 Aug 2008, 8.30pm

Presented by Lightcraft and Silent Scenery

Admission RM15 by donation (Limited to first 150 people only)

Brit rock-inspired Lightcraft and post rock-ish Silent Scenery team up for a joint album launch, performing their mood-enhancing music for all emohearts to swoon to. The headliners will be joined by Leaders On A Sunday and Inspirative.

More info can be found at http://www.myspace.com/lightcraftmusic and http://www.myspace.com/silentscenery



Avant “Whatever Goes!” Shindig

Fri 8 Aug to Sun 24 Aug 2008, 11am to 7pm

Presented by Creative Capitalism, LabDNA, the 6th Kuala Lumpur

Triennial: artifice, Central Market and The Annexe Gallery

Admission Free

You are invited to

Exhibition Opening Extravaganza: Friday, 8 August, 8.30pm to 11pm

The press release for this event goes like this:

Creative Capitalism (Baltimore, USA), LabDNA (Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA), and the 6th Kuala Lumpur Triennial: artifice, are flexibly organised art collectives committed to the creation, production, and dissemination of art, film, and music. They seek to provide models of creative transmission that can be copied, used, refigured, combined with, or used as foils for, other models. They have come together for this show to present works that transmit through these models; the collectives

serve as relays, transmitting creative art in unexpected ways to unexpected publics.”

So does that mean there’ll be models at this event? We wait in horror and excitement to see what the crafty team who brought you the Central Market Annexe and the now-legendary Pudu Jail Party will unveil next.


Richard Baxstrom [Email: baxstrom@gmail.com]

Jerome Kugan [Email: jerome.centralmarket@gmail.com; Tel: 03-2070 1137]



Art Exhibition by Lan Gen Bah

Fri 8 Aug to Sun 24 Aug 2008, 11am to 7pm

Presented by Lan Gen Bah, Central Market and The Annexe Gallery

You are invited to

Exhibition Opening Extravaganza: Friday, 8 August, 8.30pm to 11pm

Artist and theorist of propaganda cognitive science, Lan Gen Bah was born in Singapore in 1948, a year before the birth of the People’s Republic of China. Her mother was a poet and one of China’s first psychologists. Her father was assigned to the new unofficial “consulate” in Boston in 1949, where the family remained until 1962. During this time, Lan’s mother, Chiang Mo-jo became involved in the emerging field of cognitive science at MIT with Marvin Minsky. Upon their return to China in 1963, Chiang helped Mao Zedong refine his theories of sixiang gounzou: thought work; inner self-cleansing, self-criticism.

LGB, as she is often known, continued her mother’s research in cognition, as well as pursuing her artistic practice. Outside of China, she has exhibited in Singapore, India, Germany, and Australia.

Game Theory II is LGB’s first exhibition in Malaysia.


Jerome [Email: jerome.centralmarket@gmail.com; Tel: 03-2070 1137]


PLEASE TOUCH continues!

Art Exhibition by Simon Keogh

The Annexe Gallery

Sat 26 Jul to Sat 16 Aug, 2008, 11am to 7pm

Presented by The Annexe Gallery and Central Market

Admission Free

Inspired by the forbidden pleasure of touching the art, artist-architect Simon Keogh has created a series of painting constructions out of steel, wood, duct tape, lingerie and other materials from his neighbourhood hardware store that invite interaction and interpretation.

WORKSHOP: Simon will facilitate two workshops designed to explore unorthodox art materials. Limited to 8 persons per workshop. Persons under 15 will require adult supervision; not suitable for ages 8 and under. Contact Simon at simon@urban-asylum.com


ART FOR GRABS looking for art vendors!

Art For Grabs is happening again on at The Annexe Gallery on Sat 30 and Sun 31 August, coinciding with the Merdeka weekend. We’re currently on the lookout for art vendors who would like to participate in this shameless orgy of art and commerce.

Each lot is 6 ft wide and 5 ft deep, plus the wall behind you, and costs RM100 for two days. Only 20 lots still left available!) The awesome elevated lofts in both galleries are also available – RM300 for the entire loft in the middle gallery (can fit 6 lots!), RM200 for the right gallery’s loft (can fit 4). What you can sell: Paintings, Photos, Prints, Sketches, Sculptures, Films, Music, Books, Zines, T-shirts, Dolls, Accessories, Recycled, Found objects, etc. You can also use the booth to promote your arts/creative business. No second hand clothes or books – this is not a flea market!

This is also your chance to create your own CENDERAHATI MERDEKA! Be patriotic / be cynical / be free! (But don’t break any law please!) Everything you sell must be valued at RM100 or less. We provide chairs but not tables.

Interested? Email chungwei.centralmarket@gmail.com with the heading: “Art For Grabs Merdeka”. Please include: your name(s), phone number, photos and descriptions of what you are selling, and how many lots you need. You get to book your space when you pay, on a first come, first served basis. A FEW FREE LOTS are available for NGOS and activists to set up booths to promote their causes and wares.

Send your proposal to chungwei.centralmarket@gmail.com.

You can also call Chung Wei at 03-2070 1137.

+ + + +

The Annexe Gallery
1st & 2nd Floor,
Central Market Annexe,
Jalan Hang Kasturi,
50470 KL.
Tel: 03 2070 1137


Solo Exhibition by Saiful Razman
Art Exhibition
Sat 21 Jun to Sun 6 Jul, Annexe Gallery
Presented by Central Market and The Annexe Gallery 
You are invited to 
Exhibition opening on Fri 20 Jun, 8pm.
To be officiated by Nurul Izzah Anwar, Lembah Pantai MP. 

One of Malaysia’s brightest young artistic talents Saiful Razman presents his first solo exhibition Pelan-Pelan Dan Bilik Gerakan. With bitumen, acrylic, silkscreen print, and a healthy dose of punk exuberance, the artist tackles the sludge of city life with large-scale canvasses. As with the previous exhibition, the artist has also made available for younger collectors, affordable prints and T-shirts that address religious and moral hypocrisy, monocultural and monotheistic tyranny, and right-wing chauvinist ideology. There will also be a photography installation “789” by Hishamuddin Rais and Mohd Redzuan Othman.
The Annexe Gallery opens daily, 11am to 7pm.
Admission open to public. 

Pang Khee Teik (Email: pang.centralmarket@gmail.com; Tel: 03-2070 1137)
Jerome Kugan (Email: Jerome.centralmarket@gmail.com: Tel: 03-2070 1137) 

Charity Concert & Bazaar
Sat 21 June, 2pm to 8pm, The Annexe Studio
Presented by Youth Hope Community 
Raising funds for Yayasan Sunbeams Home, a plethora of young bands and merchants have banded together to organise this special one-day music cum bazaar. Bands include Hijau, Julie Goes Overseas, Matematik, Avalons Whisper, Arsonist, Second Combat and more.  

Admission RM18 by donation

For enquiries, contact:
Massy (HP: 017-680 5727)
Eykin (HP: 017-625 8195)
Wanie (HP: 017-662 9773) 


You are invited to
GRANTS FOR GRAB Press Conference
Wed 25 June, 3pm to 5pm, The Annexe Gallery
Presented by Central Market and The Annexe Gallery
Sungai Lembing — Stories from Vanishing Towns, by Chang Yoong Chia
Meet the seven recipients of Grants For Grabs, an initiative set up by Central Market and the Annexe Gallery to encourage and support local artists in the development and creation of new works in various arts disciplines, with a special emphasis on community arts exchange. The Grants For Grab program is made possible with a RM50,000 donation from Fashion Inc. 

The selection panel for this year’s Grants For Grab consisted of Datin Marion D’Cruz, Arts worker, Five Arts Centre; Jerald Joseph, Director, Pusat KOMAS; Yee I-Lann, Artist; Nani Kahar, Architect, LabDNA; and Kow Shih-Li, General Manager, Central Market.

Press conference starts at 3pm.
Admission open to public. 

Pang Khee Teik (Email: pang.centralmarket@gmail.com; Tel: 03-2070 1137)
Jerome Kugan (Email: jerome.centralmarket@gmail.com: Tel: 03-2070 1137) 

+ + + +

The Annexe Gallery Studio Theatre
1st & 2nd Floor,
Central Market Annexe,
Jalan Hang Kasturi,
50470 KL.
Tel: 03 2070 1137





Art Exhibition

Thu 21 May to Mon 26 May, Annexe Studio
Presented by Artland Junior Art Academy KL, Hong Kong Visual Arts Society of Youth & Children, Art Generation Studio KL, and Akademi Inspire PJ

Hot on the heels of our continuing naïve art showcase at the Annexe comes an exhibition of a different level of naivety. The 2nd Malaysian International Junior Art Exhibition 2008 will showcase more than 1,000 rainbow-spattered works of exuberant youthful artistry by children of different age groups from 45 art schools from Malaysia and overseas, executed in a variety of media. A must-see for anyone who’s ever picked up a crayon.

On Sat 24 May at 2pm, the exhibition will be officiated by YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat, the Minister of Transport.

For further enquiries, contact:
Mr Low (HP: 013-3811517)
Visit http://baiduren-space.blogspot.com

+ + + +


Slideshow Social
Sat 24 May, 7:30pm to 10:30pm, Annexe Gallery
Presented by The British Council KL

Pecha Kucha was started in Tokyo, Japan in 2003, where designers and everyone else were invited to present a slideshow of 20 images, each shown for only 20 seconds – giving a total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. It has since gone global as a fun social networking event for creative to talk about… well… creative things! For this edition of Pecha Kucha, presenters include Ridwan Kamil, Mun Kao, Simon Keogh, Zhin Teng, Elaine Foster, PopMalaya, and the Creative United Movement (aka C.U.M). There will be beer, DJ sets before and after, not to mention great company!

Visit http://www.britishcouncil.org/malaysia-events-arts-international-young-design-entreprenuer-pecha-kucha.htm

+ + + +

ACOUSTIC NITE: La Voix De Femmes

Music Concert
Sun 25 May, 5pm to 11pm, Annexe Theatre
Presented by RANtAi Art

From the same people who brought you the RANtAi Arts Fest is a night of acoustic female performers featuring Brainhead, Yuna, Ana Rafali, Lovesick Avenue, Sundae, Robot Asmara. Admission is RM18, with part of the proceeds going to charity.

Visit http://rantai-art.blogspot.com

+ + + +

OUT OF LINE: Doodles & Dreamscapes

Art Exhibition
Thu 29 May to Sun 15 Jun, Annexe Gallery
Presented by The Annexe

Exhibition opening: Thu 29 May, 8pm
Admission free

Society and authorities draw lines around us everyday. What can we do about it? We draw more lines, of course. The Annexe Gallery presents 15 artists who were asked to create works with lines, but who were also challenged to step out of line. They show us how little or how much is needed to step beyond the line that prevents us from expressing ourselves. Have imagination, will travel!

The artists: Avroco, Chang Yoong Chia, Cheeway, Daniel Chong, Jerome Kugan, K Soon, Melissa Lin, Mun Kao, Pang Khee Teik, Saharil Hasrin Sanin, Sharil Nizam, Tey Beng Tze, They, Why, Wong Eng Leong.

Special note to interested collectors: This is a plum opportunity to purchase works at a steal as all the art are priced under RM1,000. Interested art buyers are encouraged to attend a special preview on Wed 28 May.

For enquiries, please contact:
Pang Khee Teik (HP: 012- 305 1135; Email: pang.centralmarket@gmail.com)
Visit https://cmannexe.wordpress.com

+ + + +


Art Exhibition
8 to 25 May, Annexe Gallery
Presented by Gajah-gajah Gallery + The Annexe

It’s the last week of the Malaysian Naïve Art Showcase 08! 100 canvases by 37 artistes from all over Malaysia whose works are stunning, colourful, poignant and cute. Curated by Prof. Madya Mahzan Musa, of Universiti Utara Malaysia, and Yusof Gajah.

For enquiries, please contact:
Zakiah Md Isa (HP: 013-331 0954).




Tango Workshops

Fri 16 to Sun 18 May, Annexe Gallery

Presented by Tango Club of Kuala Lumpur

Tango! Not only does it rhyme with mango, the world-famous Argentine dance is perhaps the closest thing to sex with clothes on. As part of the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival, three internationally renowned tango couples will be in town to facilitate workshops for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Marguerite Brodie of Tango Club KL informed us limited spots are still available, especially for male tango partners. 🙂

Full workshop schedule and Festival program at: http://www.tangomalaysia.com/FestivalMain.html

Enquiries about workshop registration and admission fees:

Marguerite Brodie (Tel: 012-315 1008; Email: kltangofestival@gmail.com)

+ + + +


Press conference

Fri 17 May, Annexe Studio

Presented by KOMAS

The three winning proposals of this year’s Freedom Film Fest “Dare2Document” filmmaking competition will be announced this Friday at the Annexe. Winners will receive grants to complete their documentaries, which will be screened at the Freedom Film Fest in September. KOMAS will also screen a new short film entitled Mari Kita Beraktivism during the press conference.

Press conference from7pm to 9pm.

RSVP to Elaine Foster (Tel: 603-7968 5415; Email: freedomfilmfest@gmail.com)

+ + + +


Music concert

Sun 18 May, Annexe Theatre

Presented by Nyaring Records and Inspire Records

Get infected with pogo joy with JB punk/ska band Plague Of Happiness as they drop by for the KL leg of their nationwide tour to promote Kawan, their full-length debut album. Plague shares the headline with The Full Pledge Munkees, with support from Nostalgia, FSF, Laila’s Lounge, Novelea, Stick No Bill, Decma & Could Have Been, and Rumi.

Annexe Theatre opens at 12:30pm. Concert from 1pm to 8pm.

Admission RM15.

For more information, visit http://kawantour.blogspot.com

+ + + +


Art exhibition

8 to 25 May, Annexe Gallery

Presented by Gajah-galah Gallery + The Annexe, Central Market

The Malaysian Naïve Art Showcase 08 continues its second week at the Annexe Gallery. Stunning, colourful, poignant and cute canvases by 37 artistes from all over Malaysiaincluding one Malaysian artist currently imprisoned in Venezuela. Curated by Yusof Gajah and Prof Madya Mahzan Musa, of Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Exhibition ends 25 May.

Annexe Gallery opening hours: 11am to 7pm

For enquiries, please contact Zakiah Md Isa (013-331 0954).

+ + + +


Art exhibition

8 to 18 May, Annexe Studio

Presented by Dasein Academy of Art final year students

Because we loved their work so much, we’ve managed to convince the Dasein Academy of Art to extend Deconstruction, a group exhibition of Dasein’s final year students’ graduate work, for another week. Among the must-see works are some of the installations and large-scale paintings.

Exhibition ends 18 May.

Annexe Studio opening hours: 11am to 7pm.

+ + + +


We would like to congratulate all the winners of the 6th Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2007, but especially Fahmi Fadzil, Lim Chung Wei, and Wong Taysy for Best Group Performance (Theatre) for Dua, Tiga Dalang Berlari, and Ann Lee for Best Original Script – English (Theatre) for Tarap Man, whose productions were staged last year at the Annexe.

Lim Chung Wei & Fahmi Fadzil being interviewed by Intan Noorbaizura; photo by Nazrul Tahir

We would also like to congratulate Food Not Bombs for winning the NST Humanity Award.

What workshop would you attend at the Annexe?

We at the Annexe aim to please the arts and culture community!

Since we love for y’all to grace the Annexe with your presence and perhaps come away with something you can use to become more creative in your life, we want to ask y’all: What workshop would you attend at the Annexe? And why?

Here’s a list of some ideas to start off with… you can add more suggestions…

We shall consider all.

1. Songwriters Workshop

For amateur songwriters/musicians/wannabes who want to workshop their existing tunes and/or find tips on how to start writing their own songs. Would you attend this workshop?

2. Overcome Your Stagefright Workshop

For people who want to overcome stagefright. Would you attend this workshop?

3. The KL Arts Scene 101 Workshop

For those who want to move around in the KL arts scene but don’t know who is who and/or need some tips on how to network and deal successfully with arty types. Would you attend this workshop?

4. How To Be Witty Workshop

For those who want to be able to dish out bon mots of wittiness at the drop of a hat. Would you attend this workshop?

5. Supportive Partners & Friends Of Artists Workshop

For those who are want to find out how they can be provide support for their arty partners and friends but don’t know where to start. Important module: How to criticise your partner/friend’s work without having it thrown back in your face. Would you attend this workshop?

6. Nude Figure Drawing Workshop

*For serious artists only* Would you attend this workshop?


Correction to time for “Arts For Social Change” talk

TAKE NOTE: The starting time of the talk by Erica Eaton “Arts For Social Change” on 11 May this Sunday was wrongly stated in our weekly Annexe emailers and in our previous post as 1pm. The talk is scheduled from 3pm to 5pm. All other details of the event remain the same. We apologise for our kerfuffle.